Socially Rockward is content. Writing, drawing, photography. Musings, fiction, doodles, portraits. Series and standalones on fantasy, scifi, romance, adventure, sex, feminism. Updated weekly by Friday.


Some content is mature or explicit. Not all content may be polished; some are drafts, experiments, new ventures with rough edges, a trial looking for an audience. Some are longer works taking shape.


Z. RockwardZ lives in the wild west and marvels at the weather every day. She tries to avoid cliches but sometimes can’t resist.

Satellite Prime
Satellite Prime

In space, no one can fill your awkward silences for you…

Yona Kabul is the steward of her trash satellite. Her job is to salvage and recycle anything she can before the landfill is fed to the sun to be disposed of forever. Just before her satellite’s suncineration, an unexpected visitor arrives, set on digging up a weapon that could cripple the trajectory of human space exploration forever.

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September 2017
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